My Story


My name is Eva. I’m seventeen, and a Christian. This is my story.

I’ll start with my parents, Lisa and Michael. Understanding their story will help you understand why some random 17 year-old is starting a blog about sexuality.

Lisa grew up in an abusive environment, with a porn and sex-addicted father, and a mother who was not in a good space. She was four when she met God, standing outside in the snow because inside was not safe. God spoke to her and claimed her as his.

She was six when she discovered her father’s porn magazines. It escalated into an addiction she couldn’t stop. As a young teen, she managed, with God’s help to stop looking at porn. But by her own account, she was sixteen when God helped her to give up the other unhealthy sexual behaviours that had started with the porn.

She got married in her early twenties, unwittingly to a porn and sex addict. She was divorced by her late twenties, and started a new life as a single mother with two young boys.

Michael grew up in a non-Christian home. He came across porn in his early teens, and continued to look at it until he met my Mom. She asked him to stop. He did for awhile, but then it crept back in after I was born. He confessed he was using it again when I was seven and Mom said he needed to get help. He did, and he and he has not looked at porn for almost ten years. They are now both counsellors and speakers on this topic.

And now me. I was eleven when I used my iPod to look up porn. This lasted about two months, before I confessed to both God and my parents, and found forgiveness. But the struggles still go on. Masturbation continued to be an issue for a couple years afterward. That two months took about two years to recover from.

It would be nice to say, that’s just my family, this is just the thing my family struggles with. The sad fact is that it is not just me. There are thousands of teens out there, struggling with porn, masturbation, same sex attraction, and sex outside of marriage. Yes, even Christians.

Society pushes on us, all of our culture screaming, “It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s your own body. Just have fun!”  But this is not true.

It is not just my body, but God’s, for if He dwells in me, then it is his temple. So how does God wish us to treat these temples during the teen years? That is what I hope to explore.

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